Gratitude & Happiness - A self-help journal for thoughts & mood tracking


Featured #1 Wellness app on the App Store. Track four happiness items and see what makes you happy and healthy. Gratitude & Happiness is a slice of our popular app Track & Share. If you like Gratitude & Happiness, then please consider buying Track & Share to support the Track & Share Movement. Track & Share comes with a customizable and broad set of items.

#1 Self-Help app on App Store (not a book).

Gratitude & Happiness tracks Happiness + three practices
Express Gratitude - Stay in touch with friends - Do acts of kindness

See your progress > Understand how things are related > Reach Happiness

Look back. See it works. Graphs by days, weeks, months

Tap graphs to view and edit all entries made. Use the Happiness item to enter and re-visit unlimited notes per day.

Notes - Password - Share

Gratitude & Happiness tracks four items.
For more extensive tracking please look for Track & Share.

Gratitude & Happiness is a simple app that tracks four defined items and displays those in daily, weekly, and monthly graphs to show progress and how things are related: Degree of Happiness, Express Gratitude, In Touch with Friends, Acts of Kindness. Each entry has room for a note. These can be visited later when tapping on the graphs. That's all. It is a simple, yet very effective happiness & gratitude journal. For more extensive tracking needs, please look for Track & Share. You can try out Track & Share Lite for free to find out if it meets your needs.

What's new in version 5.0.0

iOS7 design, iCloud and Dropbox backups, daily reminder, easier navigation to calendars
Before updating please back up via email.
For some users the password keyboard may not come up when launching for the first time after update. Close the app completely and relaunch. That fixes it.


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