Annotable — Ultimate Image Annotation Tool


Annotable is the most full-featured all-in-one image annotation tool.

"I’ve finally found the best all-in-one image annotation tool for iOS – Annotable for iPhone and iPad." —— Federico Viticci of MacStories

Features(some are unlocked with In-App Purchases):
◉ All the expected common tools: rectangles, ovals, arrows, lines, and texts.
◉ Fully customizable: 8 colors, 3 sizes, 3 outlines.
◉ Stylishly obscure private information with Blur and 3 styles × 3 granularities of Pixelations.
◉ Or on the contrary, Highlight something with spotlights.
◉ If you really want to focus on a particular spot use a Loupe.
◉ You can even mark text on screenshots of apps like Notes, Twitter, and Safari. It feels like magic, and can really save the day when you want to share a web page screenshot with some words highlighted but forgot to select the words when you took the screenshot.

*** Time-limited LAUNCH SALE: unlock all features with total value of $12 for only $7.99! ***

Distinctions from many other similar Apps:
◆ All the results are high-resolution images.
◆ Not only screenshots but all images are supported.
◆ Large images can be directly annotated and do not have to be cropped.


In development, need some more patience:
* Photos Extension
* 3D Touch Quick Action
* URL Schemes

You can read more and track my progress in Settings > Trello.


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