Your journey to better sleep begins the first night you use SleepScore.
Understand, track and improve your sleep so that you can perform, look and feel better! When you’re well rested, you’re able to focus on whatever the day delivers. Be less distracted, improve relationships, feel energized and stay healthy. Good sleep is the foundation of good health. Developed over 12 years and based on analyzing over 6 million nights of sleep, The Official SleepScore App provides the personalized information that empowers you to make manageable lifestyle changes that have helped thousands of others improve their sleep.

Requiring only your smartphone, SleepScore measures your breath and body movements with your phone’s microphone and speaker, then provides a nightly SleepScore with details about every stage of your sleep. With our free basic app, you’ll receive expert advice and educational sleep tips each night for a rolling 7 days along with your SleepScore. By upgrading to premium, you’ll gain full access to personalized sleep challenges, customized advice, your complete sleep history, and a downloadable 30 day sleep report for your doctor.

Don’t experience another night of poor sleep. Let SleepScore help you discover what a difference great sleep can make. Improve your sleep. Improve your life.

What You’ll Receive with SleepScore

- Personalized, science-based advice informed by the world’s top sleep experts
- Sleep education and insights
- Validated and curated sleep products in the official SleepScore Labs SleepShop
- A comprehensive sleep report to share with your doctor
- A nightly sleep comparison to an ideal night for people your age and gender
- A smart alarm designed to gently wake you at the ideal time in your sleep cycle
- Enable Apple Health to further personalize your experience

Goals and Challenges-based Advice

SleepScore allows you to select a sleep goal such as “Sleep Longer,” or “Wake Up Less,” then performs a 32-step analysis before providing advice and simple challenges to help you achieve your goal and improve your sleep. After only 7 days of analyzing your data, SleepScore will let you know if you should be working on a different goal for getting better rest.

How it works

The official SleepScore app uses just your smartphone microphone and speakers to track and measure your sleep so there's no need for stand-alone hardware like a mattress strip or wearable fitness tracker. SleepScore uses echolocation – similar to what bats use for nighttime navigation – sending silent sound waves from your phone speakers that are reflected off your body and received back into the microphone. Our advanced algorithm then interprets the shape and movement of the reflected waves to sense your breathing rate and body movement. The combination of these two signals are what are used to accurately decipher your movement through the various sleep stages at night. Validated against Polysomnography (PSG) and Actigraphy, the two clinically accepted standards of measuring sleep, SleepScore’s accuracy is far superior to other non-contact sleep tracking apps.

Subscription pricing and terms:

SleepScore is free to download and use. For advanced features, SleepScore offers auto-renewing monthly and yearly subscription options.

$5.99 per month
$29.99 per year

These prices are for United States customers. If you choose to purchase SleepScore, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes store after purchase.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

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