Moxie Classic


Moxie is the original word transformation game...EASY to learn, but CHALLENGING to master.

"Can't. Stop. Playing." -

"Phenomenal!" -

"Every bit of the game is good." -

Over 900,000 Moxie games have been downloaded and over 70,000,000 games have been played.

Moxie is all about transforming words into new words. You start with a hand of 52 letters that you go through "Solitaire" style. Place each letter on the board or "Pass". If you "Pass" you can't go back to that letter.

You score points by:

1. Making unique words with the letters

2. Transforming your words into other words by adding and replacing letters. For example: "TIN" becomes "TINE" which becomes "TILE" which becomes "TILED" and so on.

3. Spelling special "Moxie words" for bonus points

Once you spell a word and start transforming it into other words, don't break the word chain! That's a "Twaddle" and you'll lose points.

There's no time limit and while it helps to know a lot of words, Moxie will more greatly reward those who like to think strategically.

- HD graphics support for iPad and Retina displays
- Pick up right where you left off
- Global leader board
- Short tutorial video (no internet required)
- Ergonomic design
- Relaxing and refreshing gameplay
- Wholesome

What's new in version 2.1.0

Hello Moxie Fans!

In this release we've made it easier to choose which type of game you'd like to play: Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral. We're also upping the competition since we're making Moxie available on more mobile platforms. That means more people will be playing and trying for the high score each day.

Plus, we have lots of new stuff planned for Moxie in 2015, so stay tuned. And thanks for making Moxie such a big success over the last 5 years!


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