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"Air Tennis Brings Wii Goodness To The iPhone" - Iphone Alley November 13, 2009

"It is an absolute blast." - Iphonestalk
November 16, 2009

AIR TENNIS. Real tennis – where your iPhone is the racket!

WITH AIR TENNIS, YOU’RE ON THE COURT - FOR REAL … but with your iPhone instead of a racket and your ears, instead of your eyes. Touch the screen, hit the air with your serve and listen to the ball sizzle over the net. Now listen for your opponent’s return shot. It tells you the shot you’ve got to use. Hear the ball bounce? Now whack it back! Serve, forehand, backhand, overhead smash, your iPhone turns your every movement into a winning tennis shot.

ANYONE FOR TENNIS? With One Player Mode, you can practice serving and training. In Two Player Mode, find a partner and find out how good you really are! Using BLUETOOTH, connect up to your partner’s iPhone, stand no further than 10 meters (30 feet) apart, touch the screen and game on! There’s no cheating now. The umpire will tell you the score, how well you’re doing … and if your next game will be at the Majors!

One Player
-Two games, Practice Serve + Training
-iPhone & iPod compatible

Two Players
-Connect via BLUETOOTH
-Play 3 sets
-Umpire’s voice does real tennis scoring
-iPhone OS3 required

Real Tennis!
-Score board
-Male or Female voice
-Left / Right hand calibration
-‘For real’ sfx’s

* For the Bluetooth multi-player mode, an iPhone 3G or later or iPod 2nd generation or later is required.

What's new in version 1.3

- Fixed an iOS4 compatibility issue.
- Added analytics to help improve the game experience.


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Lots of fun and it's only $1!