Seasonality Go: Customizable Advanced Weather Display and Wind Simulation


Seasonality Go turns your iPhone or iPad into a complete weather center. Gathering data from sources all over the world, Seasonality Go is the last weather app you’ll ever need.

For the iPad, Seasonality Go provides several built-in screen layouts, and also allows you to create your very own screens with exactly the weather data you want to see.

On the iPhone, Seasonality Go presents all the same data in a clean view of the past, present, and future weather.

The interface in both versions of Seasonality Go have been optimized to dedicate as much of the screen as possible to showing weather data. No extra cruft and never any ads. Some key features of Seasonality Go include:

• Search over 65,000 pre-defined locations in more than 200 countries, or use your device’s built-in GPS to get precise local weather data anywhere in the world.
• Current weather conditions and astronomical data like sunrise/sunset times and moon phase.
• A 7 day forecast in a day/night view or a 3 hourly view.
• Graphs for 10 weather variables including temperature, wind speed, precipitation, cloud cover and more…
• Animated map with radar imagery in the US, Canada, and Australia; and infrared satellite imagery worldwide.
• A surface analysis map layer showing fronts and high/low pressure centers over North America.
• A worldwide wind simulator called Particle Mode.


Featured as one of Entertainment Weekly Magazine's 6 Best Summer iPad Apps!

"If you crave more, Seasonality Go is really worth a close look and your consideration."
– The Unofficial Apple Weblog

"If you’re a weather freak, or simply like to get very accurate weather information when planning your activities, there is an app that can be quite helpful for you…"
– PadGadget

"One of the things that sets it apart is all the different ways you can configure it. The app comes with a default interface that is itself quite effective. But you can also add additional screens…"
– iPhone+iPad Life Magazine

"In terms of geographic coverage, Seasonality Go is superb…"
– Macworld Magazine, 3.5 mice

"Seasonality Go appears quite powerful and rich in information but is very easy to use even by someone who is not familiar with all the technicalities."


What we're working on:

• Improved radar coverage outside the US.
• Adding new weather stations.
• Map layer to show the jet stream.


Visit to learn more.

We make every effort to have full data coverage worldwide, but this isn't always possible. To see a detailed list of what data is available in your region, check the international coverage page at:

What's new in version 3.1.1

Updated Particle Mode to work with new server changes at the National Weather Service.

What's new in 3.0:
Seasonality Go for the iPhone is here! In this new universal version you'll find all the same weather data you love from the iPad app, now in a squeaky-clean interface perfect for your iPhone.

Seasonality Go now requires iOS 8 or later.

Other major new changes in Seasonality Go 3.0:
- Rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 8 with a new interface and icons.
- A new map layer showing the latest surface analysis including fronts and high/low pressure centers for North America.
- Particle Mode has been optimized to now show a lot more particles on screen even when zooming in on the map.
- Location management is much easier in a fresh new interface.
- Dewpoint temperature is now plotted on the temperature graph.
- 3x artwork for iPhone 6+ users.
- Hundreds of other code optimizations and improvements.


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