World Continents and Oceans - A Montessori Approach To Geography


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Learn the names and locations of all the world continents and oceans with this simple, yet, effective method! A knowledge of Montessori is not required to use this app. It is designed for everyone!

Start with the Learning Activity, where children can explore where the continents and oceans appear on the globe, as well as, see and hear the name of each one.

Then, move on to the interactive Puzzle Maps of which there are three types:

1. Assemble the puzzle map by looking for the continent or ocean that is blinking on the map. When they touch the correct piece it will move into position onto the map and its name will be heard aloud.

2. Assemble the puzzle map by looking for the continent or ocean that corresponds to the name shown at the top of the screen. For children who cannot read, simply touch the name to hear it out loud so they know which one to look for.

3. Assemble the puzzle maps in any order by dragging the pieces into position on the map. The piece will snap into position and its name will be heard aloud.

This Montessori application was co-developed and approved by an AMI certified, Montessori teacher with over forty years experience educating children! You will appreciate how the color schemes and design of the Puzzle Maps are close replicas to the Montessori classroom materials, making this app a nice extension to classroom work.



"These Geography apps are great! I downloaded them last night and used them today in therapy. Great stuff." - from a speech therapist in Japan


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What's new in version 2.1

2.1 Version - Fixed the landscape orientation

2.0 Version - We've added two new puzzle maps where you can drag and place the pieces in any order you choose! As usual, when the pieces snap into place, the name will be heard aloud to help reinforce the name of the continent or ocean.

We've also updated the color schemes of the puzzle maps so the pieces are clearly visible and the overall layout is more pleasing to the eye.

We had almost 20,000 downloads of this app in December 2013 and we thank you for your loyal support of our educational apps! Teaching children geography via the iPad is something very special and we are touched that our apps have helped so many children.

The Continents and Oceans app is just the beginning! We have, literally, a whole world of apps for your children to learn about geography. Please, take a look at what we have to offer and feel free to contact us with your questions and comments!


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