Idea Bucket


Rate, compare, and analyze all of your ideas for just about anything! Make improved decisions with Idea Bucket: a straightforward way of setting up ideas and the criteria to rate them. Custom sliders provide an intuitive interface for rating ideas. Reports give a clear overview of the results at a glance.

★★★★★ Available on both the iPhone and iPad! ★★★★★

* Choosing your next vacation destination.
* Comparing job offers.
* Finding your favorite coffeeshop.
* Evaluating logo concepts.
* Reviewing products.
* Naming your pet or next child.
* And anything else you can think of!

* Hand crafted pixel precise custom interface dedicated to idea comparison.
* Unique ‘comparitive sliders’ allow you to rate ideas in comparison to each other.
* Professionally illustrated bucket icons to help distinguish projects.
* The rating structure is customizable allowing weighted criteria.
* 3 custom reports for reviewing and discussing your ideas with others.
* Bi-Variate analysis report for directly comparing different decision making factors to one another.
* Bar graph report view for clearly presenting your best ideas to others.
* Slant-Report view to quickly glimpse how your ideas add up in an interface consistent with the editor view.
* Translated for multiple languages: English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) and German.

What's new in version 2.0.2

Added iPhone 5 support.
Minor bug fixes.


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