With OnSong, you can manage huge collections of chord charts and lyrics sheets for your band or worship team on a simple, lightweight device. Quickly pull and reorder lists and flip from one song to the next with ease. Transpose and highlight chords or change font size with a brush of your finger! Playing music has never been more simple. This software is built for live performance musicians.

You can import songs directly from online sources such as Dropbox, or add your own songs with the built-in editor. Just type the song like you would expect and surround your chords in square brackets inline with your lyrics. It's that easy! OnSong automatically detects sections and titles for you when you end them with a colon.

You can also import your existing songs using iTunes file sharing or Dropbox. OnSong supports PDF, Word, Pages, JPG, PNG, TIFF, ChordPro and text file formats.

When you have your set just the way you want it, share it with your band members wirelessly. Listen to the song you are playing directly from your iTunes or OnSong music library, play a metronome or get the music iTunes with just one tap. This app is loaded with features that musicians demand.

• Simple song and chord entry
• Import, export and synchronize with Dropbox and other sources
• Pull sets and change songs for live performance
• Flip or tap through all the songs in your set
• Transpose and capo with the brush of a finger
• Highlight or bold chords for visibility
• Change font size and style
• Keep track of your past sets and archive
• Import songs from your various online sources
• Play backing tracks from your iTunes or OnSong music library
• Play a click track to a metronome with remembered tempo for each song
• Share wirelessly with your band members over Bluetooth or WiFi
• Send your list to your team via email
• Print your set wirelessly to an AirPrint printer
• Works with many foot pedals such as the AirTurn PED, AirTurn BT-105, Griffin Stompbox and iRig Blueboard
• Project lyrics or use a stage monitor with VGA, HDMI, AirPlay and Chromecast support

What's new in version 1.997

We're continuing to make OnSong better with bug fixes and new features. Please check out the release notes for this version at: http://onsongapp.com/releases/1.997/


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