TodoMovies is the easiest and best way to manage movies you want to watch. With movies discovery, release notifications, bonus scenes indicators, photo galleries, iTunes Store integration, iCloud sync and much more, you will never miss a great movie ever again! Featured on Cult of Mac, Macstories, MovieViral, and many others.

What they say:

"TodoMovies 2 Is The iPhone App Every Movie Lover Needs."
- Alex Heath,

"TodoMovies 2 is one of the most visually impressive apps I’ve seen on an iOS device. It’s stunning to look at and it’s full of delightful little details."
- Cody Fink,

"I have been wanting an app like this for quite some time, and I’m very glad that someone has decided to make it happen"
- Christine Chan,


- Watchlists
Keep a list of movies you want to watch and watched with Watchlists. TodoMovies doesn't require any account or phony signup processes, so you can start adding movies the second you open the app.

- Movies Discovery
Browse movies by upcoming, in theaters, or browse through every movie ever released by genre. TodoMovies will also regularly recommend you a great movie from each genre.

- Release Notifications
When you add an unreleased movie to your To Watch list, TodoMovies can notify you when the movie is released in theaters. You can select a time, day, and even add a personal note to the notification (for example, "order tickets!" or "call a friend!").

- TodoMovies Score
Forget about meaningless rating numbers, reading countless conflicting critics and fans reviews. The all-new TodoMovies rating system computes a universal rating for every movie. The "TodoMovies Score" will tell you if a movie is excellent or not. Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, tmdb ratings are also one swipe away.

- Movie Photos Gallery
Browse movie photos and amazing fan-made art in crystal clear resolution.

- iTunes Store Integration
Thinking of downloading the soundtrack of a movie in your Watchlist? Or even the movie itself? With a single tap, TodoMovies will search the entire iTunes Store and present you with all available downloads related to a specific-movie. This includes games, movies, soundtracks, and even iBooks!

- iCloud
With iCloud support in TodoMovies, your watchlists are kept in sync across all your iOS devices. If you accidently deleted TodoMovies, all your movies are still safe.

- Bonus Scenes:
Did you watch Tony Stark, Thor and The Hulk eating Shawarma in a bonus scene after the credits of "The Avengers"? Oh, you didn't know there was a bonus scene? Fear not, Todomovies has got your back! With this unique feature, movies with bonus scenes will be indicated in your watch list with a seat icon. If you see one, sit tight and don't immediately leave your seat after the movie is over! Find out in the movie details if the bonus scene is during or after the credits.

- Truly International
TodoMovies is not only fully-localized in 15 languages but it is also location-aware. It supports local movie names, posters, and release dates.

- Share with Friends
TodoMovies is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. So you can tell your friends about that awesome movie you just watched! You can also recommend movies via email or Messages.

For feature requests and bug reports, please don't hesitate to email us at We respond to every email.
Disclaimer: This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

What's new in version 2.2.2

This update enables you to import your movies into TodoMovies 3 (when it is released). To move your movies to TodoMovies 3:

- First install TodoMovies 3 (when it is released). (1)

- Open TodoMovies 2 -> Settings->Backup->Export Library TodoMovies 3->Open in TodoMovies

- That's it. TodoMovies 3 will open with all your movies migrated.

- You can safely delete TodoMovies 2. (2)

Note (1): If you add any movies to TodoMovies 3 then import movies from TodoMovies 2, anything you added in TodoMovies 3 will be overwritten. So start off by exporting your movies from 2 to 3 first.

Note (2): TodoMovies 3.0 doesn't have iCloud. So if you need iCloud syncing, stick with 2 for now.

If you got any quick questions write us on Twitter @todomoviesapp or For longer questions or for feedback write us an email support at taphive dot com. We read and reply to every email as fast as we can.


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Will this alert you when a movie is available on DVD too?
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Not seen that happen yet. I don't think it does. It for sure alerts you of theater release dates. Unfortunately it will tell you some movies are out but they will only be in limited release and there isn't a way to pin point release dates to your local area.
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Good to know, thanks.

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