8-Bit Zombie


8-Bit Zombie is an addicting 2D shooter that's fun, competitive, and awesome.

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-Sweet 8-Bit graphics
-Awesome physics for zombie limbs!
-8-Bit gore
-Wicked market with loads of upgrades and weapons
-Killer 8-Bit Retro music

You, a random dude in a science lab, have accidentally spilled 8-Bit gene mutation transformation serum on your 8-Bit colleagues, causing them to turn into zombies and reproduce rapidly! Oh no! Use your trusty 8-Bit weapons to blast every limb, body part, and head off the things before they eat your 8-Bit brains out!

-Gold Shotgun
-Stopping Power
-Heart Spawn Boost
-Health Upgrade

Made by Ali Younis and Adam Roke.

What's new in version

-Bug Fix