Christmas Advent Calendar for Christian Kids and Schools by Children's Bible


★ Christmas Advent Calendar for Christian Kids and Schools is an iPhone and iPad app for Christian families, teachers and catechists to use with children of all ages.
★ Teach your children all about Advent and Christmas with 25 pictures and Bible quotes.
★ An easy way to share the Word of God with children. Talk about nativity, Jesus and God to your kids and explain the meaning of Christmas to them.

✔If you like Christian Advent calendars, this is the app for you: a funny Advent calendar for children of all ages. Starting on December 1, kid can open the corresponding window every day until Christmas Day. It’s a countdown calendar for fun!
✔Behind every window you’ll find an illustration of an event from the gospels and the Birth of Jesus, together with a Bible quote, to teach your children before Christmas Eve. And a beautiful candle!
✔The app is free and contains no ads or in-app-purchases.
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User's reviews
★★★★★ Im a mother of two, and just downloaded this app. I can honestly write, that I love the concept and the simplicity of this app! Its truly a great way to keep our children involved in the joy of advent. I recommend it to everyone, who wants to keep the message of Christmas as clear and simple as it is. (Jwards)

★★★★★ Im a teacher at a Christian school, who found this app whilst thinking of how to interpret the message of the years most important event to children in an innovative way. This one is definitely the best free advent calendar available in the AppStore. The design and the build-up is creative, and Im sure the kids will love it at class! (Tostado84)

✔ If Christmas is much more than just a shopping season for you, the Christmas Advent Calendar is for you.
✔ If you want to teach your children about Xmas by reading some Bible quotes and verses, this Advent Calendar is for you.
✔ If you want to share some time every day talking about God and Jesus with your children, download this app now!

✔ Universal app for iPhone and iPad
✔ 7 Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Catalan.
✔ You can use it offline.
✔ A different illustration every day.
✔ For every window, a matching picture and Bible text.
✔ Sunday school, catholic family, parents, catechists and teachers can open and close the windows before the date.

Which story will I find?
December 1: The prophets announce the birth of Jesus. Is 7:14
December 2: The people wait. Is 9:2
December 3: Nazareth. Lk 1:26
December 4: Mary. Lk 1:27
December 5: Joseph. Lk 1:27
December 6: Annunciation. Lk 1:28-31
December 7: Mary says yes. Lk 1:38
December 8: Elizabeth. Lk 1:41-45
December 9: Magnificat. Lk 1:46-48
December 10: The Roman census. Lk 2:1
December 11: On the way to Bethlehem. Lk 2:4-5
December 12: Bethlehem. Mt 2:6
December 13: The inn. Lk 2:7
December 14: The shepherds. Lk 2:8
December 15: Annunciation to the shepherds. Lk 2:9-11
December 16: The cave. Lk 2:12
December 17: The choir of angels. Lk 2:13-14
December 18: The shepherds set off. Lk 2:15
December 19: The Wise Men of the East. Mt 2:1-2
December 20: The Jewish Wise Men. Mt 2:4-5
December 21: The Wise Men of the East set off. Mt 2:9
December 22: The star stopped over the cave. Mt 2:9
December 23: The gifts of the Wise Men of the East. Mt 2:11
December 24: Birth of Jesus. Lk 2:16
December 25: Mary. Lk 2:19

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