Cool School Information System (CoolSIS) is the solution helping schools improve everyday workflow. CoolSIS enhances communication among the whole school community, helping faculty, teachers, parents, and students communicate easily and efficiently. For more information about CoolSIS, please visit

With CoolSIS Mobile Application, parents and students receive real-time access to necessary and useful data such as Attendance, Assignments, Grades, Behavior, Schedule, Courses, Communication Log, Log-in History and more to stay up-to-date with the school.


Your school must be using CoolSIS. If you are not sure what information system your school is using, please contact your school.

Please feel free to try the application with the following demo accounts;

For parent access use;
Username: demo
Password: parent1

For student access use;
Username: demo
Password: student1

What's new in version 4.2.2

- Minor bug fixes
- Changed notification service provider


Faved by Melissa Davis

Version 4.2.2 – August 14, 2015 at 9:37 PM

We use this app to check our children's progress at their school. It shows grades, behavior, attendance, etc. Concerns: there are some items that do not look the same from the website version to the app version, for example the check point grade system. In the app, an assignment graded with a "check" could be listed as an 80 percent but at the time of this post, that is not reflected on the website clearly. The only other concern is that parents are at the mercy of the teachers entering their data in a timely manner in order for this app to really be useful. As a parent I'm wondering if teachers get enough support for keeping up with this useful tool and if enough parents are really utilizing it like we are.