MobileFamilyTree 7


Immerse yourself in the world of mobile genealogy!
MobileFamilyTree 7 is the first is the first fully-fledged mobile genealogy app out there. MobileFamilyTree doesn't require you to own a Mac or PC as it offers just every feature you could wish for in a modern genealogy app.
Nonetheless, MobileFamilyTree works with MacFamilyTree like clockwork and can be synchronized via iCloud if desired.

Create or edit your family tree with the help of our intuitive Interactive Tree or use a wide range of convenient charts and reports to record every little family history detail. Take photos or videos of your relatives directly from within the app. Optionally, you can keep your tree synchronized via iCloud or use the GEDCOM file format to exchange data with almost any Mac or PC based genealogy app out there.
Or try FamilySearch, the world's largest genealogy archive to do your research - it's absolutely free of charge!

MobileFamilyTree 7 Overview:


- Well arranged, fast and easy to use interface
- MobileFamilyTree ist the first and only full-featured mobile genealogy app
- MacFamilyTree not required, can be used standalone
- Full support GEDCOM export and import
- iCloud synchronization
- Awesome charts and maps
- Integration of FamilySearch, the world's largest genealogy archive


- Use the new Interactive Tree, the research assistant or the table view to enter your data
- Take photos or videos directly from within MobileFamilyTree 7
- Keep track of tasks with the help of the To Do feature
- Powerful media browser and places administration


- All MacFamilyTree charts are available in MobileFamilyTree 7

Available Charts:
Hourglass Chart, Ancestor Chart, Timeline, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics Chart, Fan Chart, Relationship Chart, Genogram Chart, Map View and Name Distribution Chart

- Print your charts right from your mobile device
- Share your charts via email
- Follow your ancestors around the world using the map view or display statistical details in the map


- All MacFamilyTree reports are available for MobileFamilyTree 7
- Available Reports:
Persons Report, Family Report, Relationships Report, Narrative Report, Places Report, Events Report, Distinctive Persons Report, List of Birthdays Report, Marriage List Report, Anniversary Report and Plausibility Report
- Print your reports right from your mobile device
- Share your reports via email

Online features

- Synchronize your data via iCloud
- FamilySearch - use the world's largest genealogy archive for your research. It's without any additional cost or subscription fees!

Display and Present

- Do you own an Apple TV?
Present the Interactive Tree, the Virtual Tree and all types of charts and reports on the TV or via a video projector
- Share all types of charts and reports via email, via GEDCOM file export or send a download link via iCloud

What's new in version 7.5.2

- FamilySearch Record Hints
- Directly view historical documents from within MacFamilyTree (birth, death certificates, census information etc)
- Add historical documents as sources to your persons

- Much improved Place management
- Add Media, Notes and Labels to places
- Improved List of Places

- MobileFamilyTree 7.5 is now an 64 Bit App with major performance enhancements
- Much improved Place management (Add Media, Notes and Labels to places)
- New all-textual styles for all reports
- All charts & diagrams can be displayed and exported in 15 languages
- Support for multiple numbering systems & person identifiers (AFN, RIN etc)
- New Anniversary Report
- New Map Report
- Improved Fan Chart
- Interactive Tree improved

Version 7.5.1:
- Fixed a crash using the Interactive Tree
- Database migration issues solved
- iOS 5 and 6 support restored

Version 7.5.2:
- Issues using the Research Assistant corrected
- Date issues in the Anniversary Report fixed
- Sorting issues in the Marriage List Report fixed
- Sorting issues in the Person Report fixed
- Sources are now correctly displayed when exporting web sites


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