Logic Remote


Logic Remote is a companion app for Logic Pro X on the Mac. It provides an innovative way to extend the creative power of Logic by using your iPad. Designed to take full advantage of Multi-Touch on iPad, Logic Remote offers new ways to record, mix, and even perform instruments in Logic Pro X from anywhere in the room, turning your iPad into a keyboard, drum pad, guitar fretboard, mixing board, or transport control.

Play Logic Instruments
• Play any Logic instrument using a familiar piano keyboard or guitar fretboard
• Tap out beats on drum pads or a drum kit
• Use the scale mode to limit notes to fit the key of your song
• Tap and strum entire chords using Chord Strip view
• Make simple or dramatic changes to your sounds with Smart Controls
• Add the Arpeggiator plug-in to any instrument

Navigate Logic Projects
• Operate basic transport controls like start, stop, record, and cycle
• Swipe the LCD or bar ruler to navigate to any location
• Select and jump to any Logic project marker
• Control recordings on your Mac from another room
• Browse the Sound Library and remotely change Patches
• Enable Smart Help and hover over interface elements on your Mac to display documentation on your iPad
• Remotely trigger Logic key commands with customizable buttons

Mix Your Logic Sessions
• Use Multi-Touch gestures to adjust Mixer volume, pan, solo, and mute controls
• Swipe to scroll or jump in banks to navigate through Mixer faders
• Use the level meter strip to monitor levels and identify clipping
• Enable and change automation modes for each fader
• Use Multi-Touch gestures to shape the tone of your tracks with Visual EQ
• Plug-in view provides access to Logic or Audio Unit plug-in parameters

System Requirements
Compatible with iPad 2 or later and iPad mini. Requires iOS 8 or later and Logic Pro X 10.1, MainStage v3.0.4 or GarageBand v10.0.3

What's new in version 1.2.1

• Stability improvements and bug fixes


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