Screens VNC - Access Your Computer From Anywhere


Leave your computer behind and travel light! Screens is a beautiful, yet powerful Screen Sharing and VNC client that lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC from the comfort of your living room, the corner coffee shop or anywhere in the world.

Screens offers a ton of awesome features that you’ll love:


• Connect from Everywhere
Install Screens Connect on your Mac and make it easily reachable from anywhere in the world.

• Stay Synchronized
Your saved Screens follow you on every iOS device you own through iCloud.

• Quickly Connect to Nearby Computers
Initiate a single-shot connection to a nearby Mac or Linux PC without having to create a new Screen.

• Connect Safely
Screens can connect back to your computer through a secured connection. Enable Remote Login on your Mac and you’re done!

• Gestures Everywhere
Control your computer with all the trackpad gestures you’re used to and more!

• Hot Corners
It’s like they were meant for Screens. Get more control over your Mac!

• Shortcuts for Everyone
Screens’ scrollable shortcuts toolbar ensures that you'll always have your favorite shortcuts close when you need them.

• Display Selection
Do you have more than one display attached to your Mac? Screens supports multiple displays allowing you to always access what you need, no matter which display its on.

• Full Hardware Keyboard Support
Don’t like that virtual keyboard and prefer to tap on real keys? No problem!

• Clipboard Sharing
Exchange rich text, URLs, images and more via your local or the remote clipboard. Screens can also synchronize both clipboards.

• AirPlay Mirroring
Send your computer’s display to your TV through AirPlay.

• On Disconnect Actions
Screens can execute special commands before it disconnects from your computer. Execute one of them Hot Corners or get the remote user to log out.

• Help Out Your Friends or Relatives
Have them download our free Screens Express utility and gain access their Mac to help them troubleshoot issues, update apps, etc.


• SSH Keys Support
Initiate a secure connection (SSH) with a key, with or without a password.

• URLs-O-Rama
Launch Screens from URL Schemes like screens://, vnc:// or ssh://.


• A VNC Server, such as UltraVNC or TightVNC, is required to connect to a Windows PC.
• Windows and Linux users are required to configure their router and computer manually to access their computer remotely.
• A SSH Server, such as freeSSHd, is required to create a secure connection to a Windows or Linux PC.
• Windows and Linux PCs can only send or receive text and URLs.

See Screens’ User Guide for details.

• Screens will not receive any sound from your computer. This is a limitation of the RFB protocol the app is using.
• Screens Connect requires OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later. You will need to create a free Screens ID.

What's new in version 3.6.4


- iCloud Keychain should now work and sync properly with Screens for Mac
- Fixed display issue when installing the Screens from the iTunes app
- Fixed German keyboard mapping layout
- Improved stability

If you enjoy Screens, please let others know by leaving a favorable review on the App Store. Thanks!


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