Radium ~ Perfect Internet Radio


Introducing Radium for iPhone, the most beautiful and intuitive internet radio player you’ll ever use. Find stations in real time by name, genre or region, and tune in to your favourite radios with a single tap.

Radium’s 10,000+ high quality stations, Sound Enhancer, and built-in Wish List make listening to your favourite radio a breeze.

Reimagined for the iPhone, Radium for iPhone features the same minimalism and elegance found in the Mac version, enhanced and optimized for an ideal mobile listening experience. You can even iCloud-sync your favourite stations, wish list, and more, with the Mac version!

Discover new music
• Find new stations by name, genre, region, or any combination.
• Love the playing track? Add it to your Wish List with a single tap.
• Quickly find what you feel like listening to by skimming through your stations' icons.

Easily manage your favourite stations
• Swipe and tap any station’s heart icon to add/remove it from your favourites.
• Tap any station’s icon to change it.
• To reorder your favourite stations, press and hold any station, then drag and drop it in its new place.

Forget about the Settings
• Let Radium’s “Auto” mode select the best-sounding equalizer preset for each station.
• Think another preset sounds better? Radium will remember it for next time.

Share your favourite tunes
• Share a track you love on Twitter or Last.fm directly from the album artwork.
• Generate a tuning-in link with one click and send it to a friend as simple text.

Access your favourite subscriptions
• Radium supports many popular internet radio services, including Digitally Imported, CalmRadio and many more.

What's new in version 1.1.10

Album art is back!
Other minor fixes.


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