** Does not support 1st gen of iPad **
Design, build and use the machine made by yourself in Machinist. With about 70 different components, including batteries, switches, LEDs, Relays, Gears, Motor, Sensors and more, you can put them together to assemble your own machine. For example you can build a stepper, music player, alerter and whatever you want. (This App only supports ENGLISH in this version)


• Large number of components
More than 60 components, from the simple led light to the advanced accelerometer, you have everything ready in your ammunition.

• Limitless possibilities
A Music box powered by a dash motor with switches and rheostat can be made up of a music player. And there will be much more interesting machine you can invent.

• Build, edit, use and save
Launch your machine after you finish constructing
. Test your machine and edit it at any time. You can save up to 10 machines.

• Play & Learn
Learn from playing. Machinist is designed for everyone to explore and create. So it's easy to use and high simplicity.

• And find more…

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