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What's new in version 1.16.1319

Dear Medium,

How are you? I'm alright, still alive 'n' kickin'. I’ve been spending most of my time hanging with all the pretty little ponies watching the river run. We need to have a heart to heart though, for the first time I’ve got angry eyes. You see my footloose friend, Mr. Night, wants to use your service. He’s nobody’s fool but he doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook, he says those will put him into the danger zone. Meet me half way on this one Medium.

Can he loggin?

Always, in all ways,
Lady Luck


Dearest Ms. Luck,

We’re happy to announce that we now offer SIGN UP AND LOGIN BY EMAIL! That’s right, all Mr. Night has to do enter his email address and we’ll send him an email that he can use to sign up or login. You don’t even need a password!

What’s more, you can now SEND YOUR DRAFTS TO THE WEB. Drafts that are started in the app can be sent to the web to work on later. We also crushed the usual bugs and tweaked our highlights so they are easier to use in the app. We hope this helps!

Keep the fire,


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