Evernote Scannable


Scannable moves paper forward. Scan contracts, receipts, business cards, and any paper that comes your way. Save or share documents instantly and move on.

Automatically capture high-quality scans anywhere
- Scan fast: Point your camera at documents, expense receipts, or whiteboards. Scannable immediately captures them.
- Save time: Scannable automatically rotates, crops, and adjusts images so your scans are clear and easy to read.
- Share or save: Send documents to colleagues via email or text, or export them as PDF and JPG files to Evernote and other apps.

Deal with paper professionally
- Turn business cards into contacts: Pull information from business cards and LinkedIn, add profile photos, and save it all to your contacts list.
- Go paperless: Scannable works seamlessly with the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner to get multi-page documents where they need to go.
- A scanner for everyone: With Scannable, your whole team can control a ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner from their own devices and send paper on its way.

Scannable is free to download and use.

What's new in version 1.1.1

Bug fixes

New in 1.1:
- Faster and easier auto-detection of documents
- Improved flash use for better scans in low-light situations

- New image processing for better-looking color documents
- Scannable now produces PNGs instead of JPGs in cases where this improves image quality and file size
- Time stamps are now added to PDF filenames

- Add notes to captured business cards before you save to contacts
- You can now connect with someone on LinkedIn directly from Scannable
- Editing business card information now zooms in on the correct region of the captured card


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Scanner pro does a better job and has more adjustments.

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