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We're beer nerds making an app for beer nerds. If you're looking for something new and original but also very powerful, TapCellar might be that app for you.

TapCellar works offline. No data connections required for search, journaling or rating. Over 39,000 craft brews right on your phone. TapCellar isn't a social network and doesn't require an account or subscription. TapCellar doesn't lock you in either. Post to Untappd, share a Mug Shot or export your data.

We've built the app that we want to use as beer nerds. There's a huge amount of data and an unparalleled feature-rich private drinking journal. TapCellar is designed from the ground up to work with one hand, because we know the other hand is holding a beer. Our unique tap and slide control for grading means you can grade a beer as fast as you can find it.

● Private by design
● Works without a network connection
● Automatic and optional update of data when you are online
● No login or user account required
● Powerful search and sort options
● Export and backup your data
● Share gorgeous images of your discoveries along with your comments and grades
● Create custom views into the 39,000+ beers in the app with powerful search and options
● Post to Untappd (requires a network connection)
● Designed for one handed use so you never need to put down your pint

What's new in version 2015.4.0901

This is a "quality of life" release that also paves the way for some fun stuff in the future.

Here's what is in this grand release:

- The latest database with nearly 40,000 beers (up from 30,000)
- Support for iPhone 6/6+
- Optimizations for a more complete and faster BreweryDB Sync
- Redesign of the backup screen allowing for full backup with photos or just the data.
- Fixes for large data exports/backups (some of you are mighty drinkers!)
- Various bug fixes and data clean up.

NOTE: TapCellar converts your database to the new format on first launch. While TapCellar will also create a backup before this process starts, you might want to save your own backup *before this update* to something like Dropbox for safe keeping. We love your data as much as you do.

ANOTHER NOTE: We have added a lot of beers to the database since the last release and once the upgrade and first sync is complete, you may want to reboot your phone if you're seeing sluggish performance. We do our best, but updating almost 40,000 beers on your phone is a herculean task.


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