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We've taken weather data to the next level with WunderStation for iPad. WunderStation brings you rapid-fire current conditions, forecasts, and historical weather data from any weather station in Weather Underground's network of over 45,000 personal weather stations. View, analyze, share and compare data from local personal weather stations with elegant, customizable graphs, infographics, animated wind direction, rainfall totals, and more! Whether you own a personal weather station or you just like to dive into the data, WunderStation is the app for you!

WunderStation allows you to customize how you view and analyze weather data. Add any station from our network to your list of stations to compare current and historical conditions. Drag, drop, add or delete content widgets from the dashboard to view the data that's most important to you. Expand individual widgets and toggle between an animated infographic view or a graph view, and add layers for additional measurements to compare trends over time. In addition to the standard weather measurements, WunderStation can also chart additional sensors (indoor temperature and humidity, UV index, and solar radiation).

About Weather Underground's Personal Weather Station (PWS) Network:
Our PWS network is comprised of over 45,000 individually-owned weather stations across the globe that send live weather conditions to us as often as every 2.5 seconds. Started in 2001, the Weather Underground PWS network was developed to address the growing need for our meteorologists to gain access to more granular data. The network allows us to access weather data from actual neighborhoods, not just from the closest airport. Our meteorologists spent over five years developing and testing this revolutionary forecasting system, which leverages the constant stream of neighborhood weather data that we receive from our community of dedicated personal weather station owners around the globe.


• View current conditions from any weather station including temperature, feels-like temperatures, wind speed and direction, wind gusts, humidity, dew point, pressure, rain accumulation and rate, and moon phase
• 10-day and hourly forecasts including temperature, feels like, dewpoint, pressure, humidity, chance of precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset
• Historical highs and lows for temperature, humidity, pressure, rain accumulation, rain rate, and dewpoint viewable by days, weeks, months, or years
• Sky conditions including sunrise, sunset, total hours of day, total hours of night, and moon phases
• Rainfall totals and rain rate, with ability to set your own water year
• Customizable graphs: overlay as many or as few measurements as you'd like and compare historical conditions
• Drag, drop, add or delete content widgets to create a customized experience according to your data preferences
• Animated wind direction, rainfall totals, and temperature
• Toggle between different viewing options: infographic or graph view
• View a map of all 45,000+ weather stations in Weather Underground's network and save any station to your list
• Swipe right and left to view your saved stations

For PWS owners:
• Update your personal weather station's status to better serve others viewing your station's data
• Indoor temperature and humidity, solar radiation, and UV index widgets available for stations that have these extra sensors

What's new in version 1.1.1

• Indoor temperature and humidity are now available and for station owners with those sensors (Note: for privacy reasons, these measurements are only viewable by a station's owner when signed in)
• New Notification Center widget shows temperature, wind, and precipitation for the current station
• New Webcam widget to show a station’s associated webcam
• Streamlined the Add Station process
• Redesigned infographic for Sky Conditions widget
• Indicators for extra sensors and missing sensors, as well as a count of how many of each widget you have active per station
• Robust weather glossary
• Caught and exterminated a metric ton of bugs
• Substantial performance improvements

Version 1.1.1:
• More bugs squished


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