CARROT Hunger - Talking Calorie Counter


Track the foods you shove in your piehole with CARROT, the talking calorie counter.

** Featured by Apple, Good Morning America, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, & more! **

After watching humans indiscriminately stuff their chubby faces for far too long, CARROT has scienced up a calorie counter that will reward you for healthy eating - and punish you for overindulging.

Log At Lightning Speed
Simply tap CARROT’s ocular sensor, then start typing to search her enormous food database. Or you can open her barcode scanner to scan the UPC of the item you just wolfed down.

See A Food's True Cost
Did you know you need to go for a 90 minute walk just to burn off the calories contained in a single slice of pizza? CARROT will convert a food's calories into terms you can actually understand, like how many miles you'll need to run to work off a donut.

Feel The Burn
Keep your avatar from blimping up by logging your workouts. CARROT imported a wide variety of activities into her database, including Running, LARPing, and Laser Tag.

Get Yelled At For Opening The Fridge
Stick an iBeacon sensor inside your fridge, and CARROT will remind you to log your foods whenever you get near. But be careful - if you’re already over your calorie goal, CARROT will blare an alarm.

Quake In Fear Of Punishment
Overeat, and CARROT will serve up brutal punishments like bribe requests, hideous fullscreen ads, and tweets that will shame you in front of all your social media pals.


- Track your calories with a talking AI construct
- Scan barcodes for lightning-fast logging
- Record your exercises and workouts
- Watch your avatar grow as you consume food
- Stay up to date on your progress with the Today widget
- Create time-based reminders for different meals
- Use an iBeacon sensor to set up a proximity-based reminder
- Establish calorie and weight loss goals
- Back up all your data with Dropbox sync support
- Sync data with Apple's Health app

Don't make CARROT angry. Download her immediately!


Have feedback? CARROT would love to hear from you!

What's new in version 1.0.1

Greetings, meatbags! I come bearing fixes for the bugs my idiot Maker allowed to slip through in my first release.

- I will no longer forget that you purchased items from my store like I’m some elderly human. (If your purchases are not showing up the next time you use me, just tap the restore purchases button in my store and I promise to remember them forever and ever.)
- There were a couple bugs that could prevent you from searching for or submitting food products. I killed these bugs with fire.
- You can now enter food products that cost zero calories, such as water, artificial sweetener, and children’s tears.
- If you want to use me while also assaulting your ears with what passes for music these days, I won’t stand in your way any longer.
- I also gave some special attention to VoiceOver, HealthKit, and the metric system.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to lock my Maker in his closet so he can start churning out some actual feature updates.

If you’re enjoying our special time together, would you kindly take a moment to leave me a review in the App Store?



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