Wdgts - A Collection of Notification Center & Watch Widgets


Wdgts is a set of beautiful and incredibly useful widgets tailor made for iOS 8 and Apple Watch.

Wdgts includes the following 10 widgets:

1. App Launcher (up to 4 launch actions in free mode)
2. Contact Launcher (up to 4 launch actions in free mode)
3. Calculator
4. Currency Converter
5. Time Zone
6. Calendar
7. Photo Frame
8. Network Monitor (part of Premium Pack)
9. Battery (part of Premium Pack)
10. Memory & DIsk (part of Premium Pack)

Watch App includes the following:

1. Calculator - Calculations will be synced with iPhone's Calculator Widget
2. Currency Converter
3. iPhone Stats

## Premium Pack includes the following additional features ##

- Ability to add more than 4 launch actions
- Ability to copy and paste result from Calculator and Currency Converter
- Add up to 5 times zones
- Add up to 10 photos to phone frame
- Ability to scroll between months in calendar

We will be adding more widgets in upcoming versions and would love your support. Please consider leaving us a nice review.

If you have any issues please contact us at support@wdgts.co

What's new in version 1.1

- App Launcher
- Contact Launcher

Many of you have been asking for new widgets and today I'm happy to announce 2 new widgets. Hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

Apologies for the currency widget issue. The API I relied on was changed suddenly wiithout giving me any time to submit an update. It should work good now.

Please consider leaving a 5 star review, it helps with continued updates.


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